Behind the scenes – Earth Hour cookbook

You pick up a cookbook in the shop, excited by the delicious recipes inside, but rarely do you think about how many talented people are involved in the creation of this treasure.

In the case of Planet to Plate, the Earth Hour cookbook, the number of people involved is well in the triple digits. There are food photographers, field photographers, behind the scenes photographers, videographers, food stylists, head chefs, cooks, kitchen hands, editors, journalists, administration staff, do-what-ever-needs-to-be-doners. Then there are the celebrity chefs, farmers and scientists, publishing companies, distribution companies, communication staff … wow, it’s an exhaustive list, and I’m only just scraping the surface. I haven’t even mentioned buying, sorting and storing all the food needing to be cooked, or the kitchen to cook it in, or the props used for styling each shot. What about the field reporters and photographers travelling all over the country to interview and photograph farmers and primary producers? What about the wonderful families who so generously donated their properties for us to shoot on? What about the extreme seaweed foragers?

It’s a mammoth undertaking. But oh so fun!

The most incredible thing about this project is that most of the contributors have volunteered their time and skills to help produce a cookbook with a difference. Planet to Plate is the 2015 campaign for Earth Hour, published to raise awareness of Climate Change and how our food production is being affected.

We are thrilled to have been part of this amazing project. Many months in the making, Planet to Plate is a wonderful achievement for all involved. Our sincere thanks go out to Anna Rose, National Manager of Earth Hour, for believing in our vision and giving us the freedom to create something we are very proud of.

Planet to Plate, the Earth Hour cookbook. Click here to see some sample spreads.

Art Direction and Design by Goody Communication.

Here is a snippet of the week-long photo shoot, cooked, styled and shot on location in Red Hill, Boneo and Shoreham, Victoria, Australia.