I AM GOODY – A revolutionary children’s magazine on Kickstarter

We have just launched our Kickstarter campaign I AM GOODY http://bit.ly/goody1, a quarterly magazine for boys and girls about good ideas, good stories and good people minus ads, gender-stereotypes and visual chaos.

For the last few months, we’ve been working frantically on an idea that was brewing for over a year. The idea was this:

Why is it that we adults can make beautiful, well-designed magazines full of inspiring stories and incredible imagery for ourselves, but when it comes to magazines for our kids, it’s either visual chaos, explosive advertising, or stuck in gender stereotype-land?

Is not the way we present a magazine influencing a child’s perception of the world? 
Is not the content we provide influencing a child’s perception of the world?

What if we were to say that children deserve more in a magazine?

goody_contents_620_1000Uninspired by what is currently available to children, we’re setting out to make a magazine that taps into a child’s creative, adventurous and caring spirit through our Kickstarter campaign: http://bit.ly/goody1

I AM GOODY is a quarterly magazine for girls and boys aged 6 – 12 years old that dares to be different. It is inspiring. It is beautiful. It is unique. GOODY is creating and celebrating goodness.

We will also have a custom cover about renewable energy, green space and community gardens painted by UK artists TADO once the project is fully funded. We want to encourage children to take control of their future!

If you would like to see this project come to life, please support us.